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BLAKE ACADEMY covers a full-range of courses across all levels. As a highly ranked School, we teach a variety of classes spanning the introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels of our students field.

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Right now we are continuing to offer our 4 weeks of uninterrupted personalized lessons to adhere to the needs of students.

The best way for middle school students to prepare to Earn High School Credits is by taking (and passing!) the right courses, to make sure their high school transcript is attractive to college admissions offices.

Core courses, foreign languages and the Arts all contribute not only to intellectual development but advancement to higher education.

Thinking ahead to college while still in middle school has other benefits.

Students who pass our classes are better qualified for AP classes and earned college credit in high school.

Blake Online Academy students have the opportunity to create a track record for academic achievement, & receive high scores on Standardized Tests, Advanced Placement, and College Entrance Examinations.

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To Earn High School Credits middle school students need to prove they’re academically prepared for high school coursework through our examination.

For students motivated to succeed and forge their own path in life, Blake Online Academy education is often a perfect fit.

If you or your student have questions about earning high school credit or planning for college during middle school, our academic advisors are ready to help.

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At our Blake Online Academy, we believe that education transforms lives.

Is your child being prepared for College or University?
It’s never too early for middle school students to start thinking about their high school career.
Our Blake Online Academy for middle school online students begin courses as early as 7th grade to assist with planning for college or University.

Our K2C Program

With the right planning, effective study habits, and time management, the courses our students take in middle school can help them earn high school credits and graduate early.

Blake Online Academy offers students full and part-time enrollment,  by taking extra classes, in-person or online and still attend regular school classes.

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