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To Earn High School Credits middle school students need to prove they’re academically prepared for high school coursework through our examination.

For students motivated to succeed and forge their own path in life, Blake Online Academy education is often a perfect fit.

If you or your student have questions about earning high school credit or planning for college during middle school, our academic advisors are ready to help.

Get in touch for more information about these and other course offerings.

Cyber  @ Blake Online Academy

Blake Online Academy, where education transforms lives.

Blake Online Academy is still educating students in the Family Islands.

Do you have a child that is actively involved in extra curricular and requires travelling to compete, for rowing, track & field, swimming, water polo, and other sporting events, Blake Online Academy will give them the flexibility of working from anywhere in The World.

Our K2C Program

With the right planning, effective study habits, and time management, the courses our students take in middle school can help them earn high school credits and graduate early.

Our Educational Cyber Program, offer students full and part-time enrolment.

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Blake Educational Cyber Programs

How Can We Help?

Join our Independent Community Program and save at our Cyber School.  Students enrolled in the Blake Cyber School, have full online access to their courses, assignments, and learning materials from anywhere with an internet connection.  Through our Cyber Portal, students can interact with teachers and classmates through video conferencing, discussion forums, email, or other digital communication tools. This flexibility can be particularly beneficial for students who require a non-traditional learning environment due to factors such as geographic location, health concerns, or specific educational requirements.

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